Mini-8 Fuel Injector Tester and Cleaner


Entry-level bench-top unit includes top feed and TBI fuel rail and a stand-alone Ultrasonic Cleaner.

The Mini-8 is the best-in-class among entry level fuel injector cleaning machines. It is manually operated with no built-in computer or pre-set functions. Designed for easy operation, however, parameters for running or changing tests are set manually following simple step-by-step instructions. This unit is extremely reliable and integrates well into a low-volume operation.

Features and Functions:

Fuel Injector Machine Display Panel

A sample of one display on the M-5000 fuel injector machine. Designed to make fuel injector testing easier, faster and more reliable.

Tests up to eight injectors at once.
Tests and cleans most of all automotive fuel injectors.
Back-lit for easier viewing of the spray pattern.
Provide pulse control for optimal ultrasonic cleaning.
Back flush adapters included.
Tests and cleans both top-feed injectors and side-feed injectors
Learn to operate in one hour
Performs comprehensive leak test
Performs injector firing test
Capable of checking the flow rate at 1000 to 9999 rpms and at various fuel flow pressures, from 5 psi to 100 psi.
High quality, precision built components.
Cannot be upgraded.


LX-50 Hi-Performance Adapter™ – Patented universal adapter for faster, more reliable set-up and performance.
Filter Removal Tool – Indispensable tool; saves time and virtually eliminates damage to injectors.
Injector Seal Kit – Injector parts to rebuild 100 injectors.

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