Marine Fuel Injector Tester and Cleaner M-5000


Marine Optimizer™

Marine fuel injector cleaning and testing machine includes  stand-alone Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Options opti-rail, seals filters and tools

The M-5000 is our precision marine workhorse; computer controlled for accuracy and ease of operation. The M-5000 is equipped with high-capacity circuitry allowing it to handle the extended rigors of marine-specific fuel injectors in addition to flow testing and cleaning 98% of all marine fuel injectors.

Fuel Injector Machine Display Panel

A sample of one display on the M-5000 fuel injector machine. Designed to make fuel injector testing easier, faster and more reliable.

Features and Functions:

  • Tests up to six injectors at once.
  • Optional exact-fit fuel rails available for Yamaha and other models.
  • With touch of a button, can see Ohm readings of injectors.
  • Tests and cleans most marine and automotive fuel injectors.
  • Back-lit for easier viewing of the spray pattern.
  • Provides pulse control for optimal ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Tests and cleans both top-feed injectors and side-feed injectors.
  • Computer controlled with easy to read LED screen
  • Auto-Test one button operation
  • Learn to operate in 30 minutes
  • Performs comprehensive leak test
    • Performs injector firing test
    • Capable of checking the flow rate at 1000 to 9999 rpms and at various fuel flow pressures, from 5 psi to 100 psi.
    • Extended range, high-volume capability.
    • High quality, precision built components.

What’s Included?

  • The Marine M-5000 Fuel Injector Optimizer™
  • Includes a separate high-performance, heated ultrasonic cleaner
  • Includes standard top and side-feed fuel rails.
    • Includes all necessary adapters and fittings. Set-up, operate, optimize, business tips and more.


  • Opti-max Adaptor Kit - for optimizing Mercury and Tohatsu side-feed injectors. (M-5000 only)
  • LX-50 Hi-Performance Adaptor - Patented universal adapter for faster, more reliable set-up and performance.
  • Filter Removal Tool - Indispensable tool; saves time and virtually eliminates damage to injectors.
  • Injector Seal Kit -  Injector parts to rebuild 100 injectors.

The M-5000 tests, cleans and optimizes most marine fuel injectors including Mercury, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki 4-stroke fuel injectors. PLUS, most car, truck, motorcycle, jet ski and snow mobile fuel injectors.

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