Product Category: M-5000

Product Category: M-5000

M-5000 Marine Optimizer™


M-5000 Marine Optimizer™ Deluxe bench-top unit includes top and side feed fuel rails and stand-alone Ultrasonic Cleaner. The M-5000 is our precision marine workhorse; computer controlled for accuracy and ease of operation. The M-5000 is equipped with high-capacity circuitry allowing it to handle the extended rigors of marine-specific fuel injectors in addition to flow testing […] More Info »

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Product Category: M-5000

FIInc Filter Extractor Tool™


The FIInc Filter Extractor Tool™ is an indispensable tool. It saves time and eliminates micro-abrasion damage to injectors. (Included with M-5000 and A-2000)

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