We have been in the automotive and specifically the fuel injector business since 1998. In addition to our line of Fuel Injector Optimizer™ machines, we also have many products that are not available online, such as manufacturer specific fuel injectors, large capacity ultrasonic tanks, specialized seal kits, and other niche fuel injection optimizer machines such as our high-flow racing test bench. If you’re looking for something other than what you find here online, feel free to call and let us know what you need. Please call 1-888-914-9923.


Replacement Parts

The parts you’ll need for rebuilding a fuel injector are primarily a few O-rings and cost pennies. The profit margin on a rebuilt fuel injector is excellent. Fuel Injectors, Inc. stocks replacement parts for almost any fuel injector you’ll come across.
Set up an account with us and order what you need by email or phone. Your parts can arrive the next day. Or stock a limited number of the most common components. Either way you conserve cash and storage space by not warehousing expensive inventory.

Shipping Information

Your order is processed, parts are pulled and depending on the time of day the order is placed, it is often shipped the same day. First Class mail is the quickest and cheapest way to ship small parts but please specify if you need them overnight.

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